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About Us

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Create a singles community with a desire for Christ
Develop Christian singles that will promote wholeness in all areas of life.  Spiritual, relational and socially.

Ministry Objectives


CSCS2 started in January of 2007 as “Friday Night Singles” within the First Presbyterian Church as a mission outreach ministry.  We had worship, study and activities every Friday.  Within a few months after starting, changes in leadership occurred due to the recession and funding. This group survived through the help of two lay people.  We changed the name to Colorado Springs Christian Singles / CSCS2.  During 2008, we reached out to the New Life Church adult singles group.  With common bonds and a mutual focus, we added social activities for their singles.  Currently neither of the above churches offer studies for adult singles.


As CSCS2 grew, we organized and became an independent non-profit ministry for adult Christian singles.  For the first 6 years we focused on singles mainly in the Boomers age group.  On November 1, 2014 we added a new group called “Gen XY“, focusing on those born after 1964.  On August 7, 2017 we started recording our Boomer’s Bible studies to YouTube.  Around 2022 we closed down the Gen XY group and later renamed the Boomers to 50+ Group in the beginning of 2024. 

We have seen various trends with our local church ministries and singles in Colorado Springs.  In the past, we had several groups, each well over a hundred or more surviving side by side.  Later, we saw the Mega churches removing pastors from their adult singles groups.  Then we saw the break down of several adult singles groups in town.  One by one they either totally disbanded or diminished to a fraction of their original size.  The first 2 months in 2018, was the final blow to church based singles ministries in Colorado Springs.  The last two Mega church based groups discontinued their adult singles ministries.

Due to frustration where adult singles felt abandoned or ignored, we are seeing a new trend.  Singles that were once part of thriving Christian singles ministries are now starting to attend a lot of social groups, although not quite the bar scenes from non-church going singles.  This is a trend that has seen continual decay from when churches gave an alternative to the bar scenes.

What this tells us is adult singles need community in the church or groups like CSCS2. Most churches offer this for married couples and young adults. We need a focus on adult singles. 

CSCS2 has stayed strong and continued to grow and reach out.  We have come along other groups to help support them as well as helping to create other Christian singles groups.

We continue to reach out to other Colorado Springs Christian Singles and churches who want to be involved. We have singles from over 160 churches in the area represented. We encourage our singles to remain involved in their own churches, while allowing them to join our singles community.  Let us know if you want to be involved.  We would be glad to talk to your church leaders to get them involved.

Some of our yearly events include  Dances, Bonfire, Movie and Game Nights, and much more.   You will never have to worry about spending the holidays alone again, Boomers celebrate together.  There are various different social events throughout the year. 

As we reached the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 we now see 3 churches offering a singles social and study group.  Currently they are small but support is welcomed!

· Partner with local Churches and Non-Profits to minister to the Singles Community
· Encourage singles to attend and be active in their local church
· Have a safe community for singles to join other Christians in social settings and activities
· To embrace singleness as an acceptable and gratifying lifestyle
· Providing a healthy environment that promotes restoration and reconciliation
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