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The primary focus of this Singles’ Ministry is to provide a safe place for Christian singles to fellowship with other singles in a Christ-centered environment.  The focus age group are those born before 1965. The churches nationwide have moved away from organized meeting places for adult singles.  Currently, in Colorado Springs we are not aware of one church hosting a weekly singles ministry for this age group.  There are a few groups for the twenties, and even that age group is having a harder time to find a place to meet for Christian community.

 Boomers is a combination of Monday night Bible Study and weekend events  Some of our yearly events include:  Dances, Bonfire, Movie and Game Nights, and much more.   You will never have to worry about spending the holidays alone again, Boomers celebrate together.  There are various different social events throughout the year. Most weeks there are lunch and dinner events.  Check out our calendar.  

Come make new friends that are the same age and stage of life as you in a social Christian environment.

On Monday nights we gather for Fellowship, Worship and Bible Study with discussion.

We hope to see you there.


Doug Anema       719-329-8015

Leaders:  TBD

Social Coordinator:

Team Effort

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