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 Meet-Up account.  We ask you to join our Meet-Up group!  It is free.  You will be notified of up-coming events.  See who else is coming to events.  Please RSVP to events that interest you!

To be added to the Distribution List and Monthly Newsletter for key updates,  please email:  Include your First & Last Name, email, phone number and Church affiliation.

The attendance and/or participation in any CSCS2 event, activity or social gathering will be construed as acceptance of this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement, herein after the “Agreement” and the acknowledgement of having carefully read and reviewed this Agreement.

If using Internet Explorer and you are not able to display the details of the events in the upper right Blue boxes, try Chrome or Firefox browsers.

If you are part of the Gen X-Y group you may have additional events listed on your Facebook Account at

Gen X-Y events are highlighted in Red.  Events labeled MERGE are for both Gen X-Y and Boomers.

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